Corporate Social Responsibility


At PI, and our affiliates, we feel that it is important to add value to society and to take responsibility for the effects of our social and economic actions.

While national and international needs sometimes require our attention, PI's charitable efforts are primarily focused on building prosperity by contributing to the well-being of our local community. This includes supporting dedicated individuals, or organizations, involved in sports or the arts, as well as supporting programs for those people in our community who are marginalized or are under-served by the public sector.

PI supports a range of community initiatives, through donations, sponsorships and employee contributions. In particular:

  • We provide donations, and sponsor key community initiatives, that we believe will have a meaningful and positive social impact; and
  • We encourage and recognize employee volunteerism and giving, while ensuring our employees do not feel pressured into either.

As a relatively small organization, our efforts are targeted towards those areas which we feel will create the greatest short-term and long-term benefit. We will remain a strong supporter of our community, and will continue our focus on improving the social fabric within which we live.