Advisor Opportunities

At PI Financial, our advisors are as unique as our over 50,000 clients. 

Each has their own distinct value proposition. We don't tell our Advisors what to sell - we support them as partners enabling them to build their businesses how they want. 

Independence and partnership - a unique combination. Our growing brand continues to attract a wide variety of Advisors - from wealth managers to transactionally oriented brokers. 

Start your journey today to learn more about our: 

  • Fully integrated self-clearing platform
  • Industry leading compensation plan
  • Comprehensive wealth management offering
  • Access to leading edge growth opportunities

Mandy McMullan Advisor

"As an Investment Advisor, I have experienced first-hand the  difference PI makes. PI Financial provides the freedom and support that allow me to run my practice the way I have always envisioned. At PI, advisor, client and firm interests are clearly aligned. There is no corporate agenda being pushed – that means I’m free to choose and promote the products that are best for my clients. We don’t work with high pressure or ever-increasing sales targets. In my experience this has cultivated an elevated level of personal drive.

One of the most attractive things about PI is the level playing field it provides for advisors. The company recognizes potential and fosters it through the support of our management, technology and culture. PI embodies a cooperative, healthy and flexible work environment which allows me to thrive."

Mandy McMullan
Investment Advisor, Calgary Branch