Managed Futures


At PI Financial, our Derivatives Portfolio Managers are experienced futures professionals licensed to provide discretionary solutions for their clients. Our Derivative PMs build customized solutions in their respective areas of expertise including fixed-income, currencies, equities, base & precious metals, energy, agriculture and other soft commodities.

In addition, we provide access to external managed futures funds for investors seeking to add alternative strategies to their investment portfolios. Navigating the myriad of futures based hedge funds is a complex task and our Commodities Futures Advisors and Derivative Portfolio Managers have the specialized knowledge to find solutions for you.

We offer a competitive fee based pricing model with performance based incentives for our PMs.  At PI, we believe in full transparency for our clients’ performance reporting so you are always kept fully informed of your account status with a comprehensive report on a monthly basis.

To talk to a Futures Advisor today, call us directly at 1-800-810-7022 or speak to one of our advisors directly.