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We are hiring experienced Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers across Canada in our corporate offices as well as opening new Branch Operator locations. 

Come and work from our attractive downtown premises, work from home, or become a Branch Operator where you manage your own office. Either way, you are an employee and a valued member of our entrepreneurial team. To access our Recruitment Guide, click here.

Don Cromar CIM, FCSI
Head of Private Client Services
604) 718-7511
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Don Cromar VP

"It’s easy to explain why our firm is compelling.  We are not a one-size-fits-all firm.  When you join our Private Client Services team, you’ll find yourself amongst a group of diverse, highly trained, and highly motivated professionals – each offering a unique value proposition to their clients.  We value independent thinking; we don’t take anyone for granted; and we are committed to deepening our relationships with all of our advisors.  Whether your focus is transactional, wealth management, or commodities futures, we have the tools and team to support and grow your business."

Don Cromar
Senior Vice President & Director, Private Client Services