Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory is the moniker we use to represent the full entrepreneurial nature of the products and services our Advisors provide to meet their clients' unique needs. They have expertise in and access to: 

  • Private and Public company financing through non-brokered private placements
  • Unique growth opportunities in the sectors we cover and new emerging industries
  • Derivatives and commodities futures 
  • Trading and execution on all North American equity and derivative markets 
  • Access to new issues led by our Capital Markets team as well as national new issues through our Syndication desk

Michael Ohnona PI Advisor

"I have been working as an Investment Advisor at PI Financial for the past 10 years and I truly appreciate the independence of running my business as I see fit. The support I get from the technology group and back office is second to none. They are always quick to respond to solve any issues I have. This helps me give my clients the best customer service. The Portfolio Strategy Group has also been a great addition to my business and has certainly helped alleviate my workload while helping me service my clients and generate income for myself. I also like the relaxed work atmosphere in the Toronto office with such a fun group of co-workers."

Michael Ohnona
Senior Investment Advisor, PI Toronto