PI Financial Discretionary Asset Management

Looking to reach your financial goals with greater freedom?

Managing both your job, business and your investments may not be so easy in this highly complex and volatile world. If you find yourself travelling often or unable to devote the time and every to your investment portfolio, then a PI discretionary portfolio manager or PI separately managed account may be right for you. 

PI Financial Discretionary Asset Management group offers you 2 types of fee-based discretionary portfolios: A PI Financial Personalized Discretionary portfolio account and the PI Financial Separately Managed Account Model Portfolio. 

  • PI Financial Personalized Discretionary account - after completing an Investment Policy Statement, your PI Portfolio Manager will create a personalized investment portfolio and strategy specific to your own unique needs and goals. After understanding your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and individual circumstances, your PI Portfolio Manager will develop your asset allocation, make your security selections, make all day-to-day trade decisions and then monitor your portfolio continuously. 
  • PI Financial Separately Managed Model (SMA) Portfolios - choose from 7 different SMA portfolios that are managed by our in-house team of professionals. See below more complete details. 

All PI discretionary managed portfolios have CIPF account protection to specified limits and can be purchased in both registered and non-registered accounts. PI discretionary portfolio accounts have a competitive fee-based structure that is tax deductible for non-registered accounts. 

Relax in knowing that your PI Portfolio Manager or PI SMA Portfolio Management Team are constantly monitoring your portfolio so you can focus on what is most important to you. 

PI Financial Separately Managed (SMA) Portfolios

PI Financial offers a suite of separately managed accounts (SMAs) to best meet your unique investment objectives. PI managed portfolio strategies range from balanced, defensive, dividend income, high growth or US growth. These discretionary fee-based accounts are managed by our in-house professionals with extensive experience, and, unlike mutual funds, you see all of your individual securities and avoid embedded capital gain liabilities and generally higher management expense ratios. 

PI Financial managed portfolios have a solid performance record, offers flexibility and transparent monthly reporting with online account and Portfolio Manager access. See report below why you should consider PI SMA portfolios. 

The key to any successful investment strategy is having a disciplined, repeatable and objective investment process. Our PI Portfolio Management team starts with a top-down macro-economic analysis to best determine the optimal asset and industry allocation. This is then followed up with what is often called a ' quantamental' investment selection process which combines the best of quantitative and fundamental security analysis. 

For more information about PI Financial discretionary portfolios please contact your PI Portfolio Manager or Investment Advisor. 

If you do not have a PI Investment Advisor and/or Portfolio Manager and would like to be contacted, please click here.