PI Financial


Private Clients



PI Financial Corp. has over 200 Investment Advisors serving more than 50,000 clients, offering advice on a wide range of investment products and services to people who demand knowledgeable and objective investment advice.


Our Investment Advisors have weathered bear and bull markets and are committed to their clients for the long term. We have a diverse group of advisors serving a wide variety of needs, interests and investment requirements. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to investing. You'll find a range of investment styles and specializations - as unique as our clients.

Rather than being focused on selling proprietary investment products, our investment advisors have complete independence when advising on the right investment for their clients' portfolios.

Our Advisors are supported by in-house research and they also have access to a wide range of third party research, including National Bank Financial's. Our operations and trading staff ensure accurate and speedy execution, while our highly experienced executive team offers our investment advisors strong leadership and support.


From the beginning, we have made a point of providing a supportive work environment for talented individuals - people who think independently, get involved with their clients and their communities - people who are passionate about, and are committed to, what they do.

We believe that a non-bureaucratic and flexible work environment allows our advisors to do what they do best - putting our clients' interests first, helping to create wealth, and delivering the kind of performance and results clients have come to expect.