Open an Account


To open an account, please select the type of account you wish to open and either complete the forms electronically or print off and complete by hand. Either way, the forms will need to be printed, signed and sent to us along with documentation required to satisfy ID verification requirements. Please do not leave any blank fields/spaces. If you require assistance in completing any of the forms, please call us at (604) 664-2900 (toll free (800) 810-7022) for assistance. Since all forms are in PDF format, you will require a suitable reader. We recommend the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

For identification purposes, you must attach a copy of either your valid drivers license or your valid passport. Please ensure that the photocopy is clearly legible and the document copied has your current address. Please also forward a personal cheque of at least $10.00 CDN to fund your account and complete the verification process (these funds will be deposited directly into your account when it is opened).