Murray Hodgins

Murray Hodgins

Investment Advisor

Individual Managed Futures Accounts

Most investors I talk to have traditional long-term equity portfolios. From this position, they can still see a whole other world where prices are fluctuating and commodities are moving. What I offer is a way into this world that involves only a fraction of your wealth - in other words, a simple way into a unique marketplace with unique opportunities.

A managed futures account allows you to have a hand in active trading without stepping out of your current portfolio or compromising your investment plans.

Professionally managed Futures accounts' allow you to participate and provide direct exposure to exchange listed futures contracts on physical commodities. Energies, metals, grains, livestock, soft commodities (coffee, cotton, cocoa, sugar) are among the many markets you can participate in.

    Your Managed Futures Account
  • Personally customize the account (i.e. assign risk limit, exclude/include specific markets)
  • Funds are not pooled
  • Funds are not locked-in
  • No redemption fees
  • No hold period
  • $30 per contract, per side
  • Highly liquid

Managed Futures combine your insight with your Brokers' knowledge, to deliver a hands-off trading experience.


We execute your plan. With more than 25 years experience.

Trading. It's the difference between watching the game, and participating in it. Understanding derivatives isn't as complicated as you may think. It all starts with understanding the concept of risk.

In a derivatives marketplace, you and/or your business are able to lock in a future price by purchasing a binding contract today. These products are future and options - contractual agreements to buy or sell an amount of something (corn, soy, gold etc.) at a fixed price, at a future date.

  • No minimum deposit to open an account
  • Hedge or Speculate
  • Access to all global futures markets
  • Access to overnight markets
  • Professional guidance to avoid deliveries, expirations, last trading days and more
  • Trade with CDN$ or USD$ funds (or combination)
  • Electronic statements sent same day as trade


Futures trading helps farmers around the world navigate risk and uncertainty. You can plan for more predictable prices, exchange rates and smooth out the volatility of price swings.

Be better equipped to take on new opportunities, equipment and grow/sustain your businesses.

We specialize in farms & agriculture, from a family operation to commercial production. If you’re experienced or inexperienced in trading, we can assist you.

Wheat | Corn | Soybeans | Oats | Hogs | Cattle


You've heard the term 'hedge your bet' ... Bets are considered risky, the term suggests you add a bet to the bet, to reduce the one time risk.

A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of price movements within an asset. Normally a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security, such as a futures contract. Talk to us about how to reduce your risk and focus on your longer term results.

Energies | Currencies | Interest Rates | Grains | Metals | Softs | All International Markets

New to Trading?

Got a hunch? Not sure where to start?

We can assist you from the ground up. We accept new clients who are interested in trading commodity/futures contracts.

With over 25 years experience we can help you with the nuances of trading and guide you with sound advice.

We offer many opportunities to learn about the markets and manage your trades.

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