Wealth Management

At PI - while we are still one of the leading growth oriented transactional dealers in the country - we've built a wealth management platform that rivals our competitors. 

  • Portfolio Strategy Group supporting Advisors on portfolio management and market analysis
  • Internally managed model portfolios 
  • Full Advisor Managed program for accredited Portfolio Managers
  • Access to wide variety of external research 
  • Dataphile Portfolio Management Module for PM's using models in their practices
  • Flexible pricing model with reasonable minimums

Nerio D'Ambrosi IA

"I have been a part of various independent platforms over the last couple of decades. A short stint with a bank owned dealer helped me realize the importance of independence for both myself and my clients. At PI Financial I have experienced a very strong support system from the top down, as any member of the management team through compliance and all members of the back office team are available and always willing to assist. Whether it a timely response to an email or a telephone call that gets answered, we are able to move along quickly and efficiently.

In my time with PI Financial, my clients have been comfortable in the growth PI has experienced without feeling any pressure to buy into a ‘recommended portfolio’. I can build individualized portfolios without any influence on the products, or securities, selected. I am very happy to have made the decision to join the PI Financial team and look forward to the future!"

Nerio D'Ambrosi
Senior Investment Advisor, Vaughan Branch